Monday, June 14, 2010

Peony Festival '10 and Dog Park Fun.

I thought I'd break up my usual stuff and post some of the photos I took yesterday!

My first stop was the Oshawa Peony Festival. I've been wanting to go to one for years (I love peonies), but I've never had the chance. It was nice to go... but I was sadly underwhelmed.

I'm absolute in love with this gazebo. I adore the lines. It was really fun to snap a picture.

There were other gardens there, as well. They were actually very nice, but I'm a sucker for fountains and streams.

More of the pond.

Oshawa also has a fun little thing where local students paint the fire hydrants around downtown. Or, in this case, the big barrel garbage cans. I thought this one was particularly nice. Kudos to the kids that worked on it!

Later that evening it was off to the dog park! I love taking my boys over. They always have such a great time, and the walk is really good. I went almost every day in April, but thanks to lots of work all around, haven't had the chance to do that in May or June. Hopefully once the school year is done things will free up a bit.

And that is all from me! I already have some stuff to post for this week.. so I'll try to get that up ASAP.


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