Monday, November 28, 2011

Seems I keep doing this....

Yeah, missed the second update last week. Unfortunately, on Wednesday I received some truly devastating news and it took me a little while to recover. Not to worry, I'm on the mend and while I know there are still gonna be some rough days ahead, I'll keep doing my best to push through.

Enough about that.

On Saturday, my best friend, my sister and I went to Toronto. While there, we were fortunate enough to find out that the Cavalcade of Lights was on that night! Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore fireworks. So we extended our shopping trip to include the show! And here are some shots from it!

It was a great day!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A name! Finally!

...Now to run away screaming.

Yes, yes, after much mental anguish and suffering (drama queen) I finally came up with a name. And now things become real! Time to get my butt moving.

More to come!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011


Fighting off a nasty bugger of a cold, but quickly drew this before I passed out last night:

Yeeah... with the Sailor Moon manga being re-released, I've been getting a little obsessed again. Don't judge me! This is my childhood coming back to me! I really need to design the SM tattoo I want to get one day! (And the Wonder Woman one... and the butterflies... etc etc... hahaha)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kind of random.

Having never read Harry Potter before, I find myself amazed that this picture even happened. I was always sort of a closet fan of Lily and Snape (not necessarily together, just in general) from all the fan-art that has popped up on my DA watches for years. Then I got all the soundtracks for the movies (I'm a movie score whore!) and fell in love with them, so I guess that's where the inspiration for this came from.

That said.. the pic still should have been something to do with SNAPE and Lily... not James and Lily, but whatever. I'm gonna roll with it. Maybe I'll do a Snape/Lily thing later!

More to come!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life is getting away from me!

I've been bad for updates the last few weeks... Unfortunately, life is getting away from me. I'll be back and fresh next week, it's just right now I'm on my ..7th day straight and I'm a little burnt out, haha. It's a damn good thing I love my job!

Apologies again and thanks for sticking with me!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Copied from DA.

Another addition to my series. The titles all relate to where the girls stand with love.

This one is actually another gift for a friend at work. In her particular case, I wanted to go with sugar that has a little bit of spice. "Green" referring to her experience rather than envy.

Other than that, not much else to say. I'm actually kind of pleased with how it turned out... I hope she likes it!

Inked/Coloured in Sai.

(c) Ginny Milling 2011.

Have a great week everyone!


Gifting time.

Another friend is going through a hard time.. and since I am, apparently, never going to get tired of adding to my series... here is "Green" from the "Love" series:

Other than that, I'm in the middle of colouring the Ben and Olivia picture.. inking the Harry Potter (James/Lily) picture I posted a while back and will start colouring Green ASAP. Also trying to think of a name for my damn comic. Would you believe that particular thing is causing me the most mental anguish? Is it weird that I hate naming things because it feels like the title itself will trap me? Man, I really AM a commitaphobe. Hahaha.

More to come!!