Friday, August 30, 2013

Just finished up..!

Another attempt at a sketch commission!

Black Widow this time! Much more successful than last night.


Less than successful...

For the sake of being 'honest' (I guess?) I'm gonna post my sketch from last night. I worked on it for longer than I want to (typically, my sketch commissions should take no more than 1 hour) and was not happy with the result. Oh well. Everything is a learning experience!!

Sorry, Tony! Haha!



So I'm in the process of (finally) posting some commission prices and I realized that I don't have any examples of sketch commissions! (Digital ones anyway) Mostly due to the fact that I delete all my sketch layers from files for space/speed reasons! So I set out to get some examples!

Pepper is my first sketch! It was also an attempt to (sort of) do a lingering request I had in my inbox!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moonlight Kiss

About a month ago I did a contest on tumblr and the prize was a piece of art chosen by the winner! Here it is!

The winner, who happens to be a lovely friend of mine, requested some Destiel and I was more than happy to oblige! In all honestly, I absolutely loving doing Destiel because it's such a challenge for me! This piece was no exception! But I really love the end result and I learned a LOT along the way! It was amazingly fun!! And the winner likes it, so that makes it doubly awesome!!!

Tumblr: (x)


Thursday, August 15, 2013

From this afternoon..

Just a little doodle. She's got a whole Lady Sherlock thing going on. I don't know.



...of the piece I'm working on for my contest winner! It's actually almost finished, so I'll post the end result soon!