Monday, November 29, 2010

Back from the dead!

Augh! Can't describe the torture it was to be without my Sai. But! Thanks to a certain AMAZING Papa of mine, I can draw again! It's fantastic!

So here we go!

This was a gift for the man in my life! It was his birthday on the 21st.. so I was a little late getting it done (for obvious reasons), but ... again, this is pretty normal for me. Colours coming soon! A cookie for anyone that can guess which picture inspired me for this pic!

More to come!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Litttttttle problem.

As you may have noticed, there were no updates last week!

I ran into a little problem. My computer is... pretty much on its last legs. I can't connect my tablet anymore or the computer freezes. Can't work with Sai. DEFINITELY can't work with Photoshop. Can't scan anything. And my Mac is too slow to work with.

So.. updates are pretty much non-existent until I can figure out a way to solve this problem. Will probably hit the casino soon.. that's always a sure thing right? ..... Right?

Anyway, thanks for your patience!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

My best girl.

Just to make up for my lack of posts last week.... A little doodle!

This is actually a couple years old, just touched up tonight. It's.. one of those drawings that for no apparent reason you really like. No idea.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Pride and Peppermint"

Noooot really peppermint at all. Let's roll with it for the title. D:

This was a fun doodle I did one afternoon.... which turned into a fun colouring exercise!

Nothing too exciting to say! I just wanted to play with colours I don't normally get to touch.. despite how much I love them and their fluffiness!

Inked and Coloured in PaintTool Sai.

(c) Ginny Milling 2010.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"An Evening Drizzle"

(DA Desc.)

Okay. I've been working on this longer than I care to discuss.. and I still can't decide if I'm happy with it or not.

However! I don't want to linger too much longer.. and there are some things I rather enjoy. I just think I've been staring at it faaaaaar too long.

It appears that on their travels our magical duo was caught in a little rain storm. X3! It was just an idea that kinda hit me while I was doodling one day, and it was just too cute to not draw out completely!

Inked and Coloured in PaintTool Sai.

Characters (c) Ginny Milling and :iconijuintekka:.
Art (c) Ginny Milling 2010.