Saturday, August 14, 2010

(Insert joke about dough rising here)

So I have a couple more doodles of my favourite little bakery couple!

This one would be early on in the story (I say that so it implies I actually have some kind of story written) where she is trying to convince him to leave his crappy office job and work in her bakery. Orrrrr, she's just coming to visit him because she wants to see him. Perhaps when she deliveries yummy treats to his office? Either way, he looks "totally" unimpressed with her visit. Except he totally digs her and just doesn't have the cojones to say anything. Little does he realize (he's a bit slow) that she'd totally accept his feelings!

Just a quick little doodle. Like, seriously, 5 minutes. Will clean and fix the (bazillion) errors later!

Annnnnnd this is clearly after they've finally got their stuff sorted out. Haha. She was pulling a late night getting goodies ready for the next day, but he clearly was in the mood for something fun. She's definitely going to be scolding him later for distracting her! Side note: I think this might be the kinkiest thing I've drawn. Kinky in a bad-romance-novel kinda way. Which is awesome. I can't wait to finish this up!

Okay, that is all!


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