Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Final colours.

(Copied from DA)

"Will you come in? Honestly! Why did we come to the beach if you won't come in the water!?"

He tilted his head up to look at the young princess. Look. Not stare. An admittedly difficult feat when the young princess is as gloriously perfect as this one. Her normally ivory skin had just a hint of bronze from all of their recent time spent at the beach; her idea, not his.

He most certainly was not a fan of the beach. Too busy, too sandy, too sunny and too hot. Though, he mused, it was not without some perks! The bikini, for example. Her bikini. It accented every gentle curve and every lovely angle. The thin straps of her top hugged the base of her slender neck, above it would be the sweet smile that was meant just for him. A smile, he noticed, that had been replaced with a smirk. He was staring. Dammit.

"Find something that got your attention?"

Totally just for funsies. I was experimenting with colouring again. I admittedly failed at the WHITE WICKER beach chair, but if we take that out.. I'm satisfied with this piece! Particularly with Angela. She was very very fun to colour.

Also, ignore my bad writing *points up* It's been a LONG TIME since I wrote any sort of fic!


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