Friday, February 22, 2013

"Thanks for lookin' out for me, Cas."

Copied from Tumblr:

"Thanks for lookin' out for me, Cas."

Okay, so back when I was doing the Christmas cards, Lisette had requested some Destiel! It was the very first slash couple I had ever done, and I had a blast. So I wanted to do something for her again, that wasn't quite as rushed! (I actually debated between this and doing Elementary. It was a really tough choice, OTL) And I have to say... I love drawing these two. Especially together. (Dammit, I need to watch this show, don't I?) Also, Dean is bandaged. Because of reasons. (Insert any backstory you choose, haha)

Anyway!!! I really hope you like it, Lisette! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

DA: (x)


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