Friday, February 5, 2010


Okay, so I failed to update twice last week, but darnit all.. I tried. And I was busy.

BUT! To make up for it.. I have two pieces to put up this time:

This was another commission piece for my best friend. :3 Please don't use without permission!!!

And this was slightly different. I was given the image (from a website that has apparently long since disappeared) .. and asked to ink/colour. This is what I did. :D I'm actually pretty happy with the end result.. and that makes me sad, because it's not my drawing lol. Oh well, good practice.

These two pieces were pretty much done in the last few days. I've been giving myself mini-deadlines/goals and it seems to be helping with my speed. But hopefully it's also because I'm getting better ... *crosses fingers* lol.



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