Thursday, May 3, 2012

Forgotten card!

I realized that I had forgotten to post one of my sketch cards!

....Probably because I'm not as happy with it as I was the others, haha. I'm cutting myself a little slack because it's the first time I've ever drawn Green Lantern! I'm not used to his swishy hair yet!

Anyway, life is moving really fast all of a sudden. I have a crazy amount of things on my to-do list! And it seems to just keep growing! So, please, bare with me if I miss posting. I'm still doing the art! I swear!

In fact, last weekend I had a rough day and that evening, I had a really fluffy cute dream. The next day I wrote down some thoughts and ended up roughing out a 3 page comic! So now it's just a matter of scanning those suckers in and inking them up. ... After I work on things that have more pressing deadlines, of course!

I swear, I'm ecstatic about all of this! It's all very exciting!!

More to come!!


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