Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year pt. II

Continuing with the New Years theme...

My Facebook was recently flooded with people posting a neat little money saving idea where you save a dollar amount based on what week of the year it is. This is week  1, so I would save $1 ... week 51 I would save $51 and so on. I had seen it before and thought I should give it a go, and when I saw the flood I figured it was a sign, haha. 

This was the pretty (massive) mason jar I painted to go with it! It's the Martha Stewart multi surface satin paint on glass, and I added some sticky pearls for the flowers and dew drops! I didn't bother to seal it because it'll just be sitting on my desk. 

I actually really love it! I can't wait to fill it with money! Hah!


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