Saturday, October 20, 2012

Art Demo!

So I was hired, thanks to Gary Chapple, to do an art demo at a budding artist's birthday party today!

I stressed all week about making a nice lesson plan so that the kids would have fun, drew up some random sketches and a little how-to page.. the whole she-bang. Within 20 minutes my lesson plan was out the window! Lol But in a good way!

I did lots of little things for the kids, portraits, characters, random things... I even drew Justin Bieber, which was definitely a new experience for me! But the girl I drew it for was very happy and said she'd hang it up on her wall.. so that makes me happy!!

So yes! It all went very well and the girls seemed to have a great time! It was awesome to see such an enthusiastic group of young budding artists (There was actually a Doctor Who fan in the group too!)!

One of the pages I gave to the kids. Wanted random things they could reference from different things that the birthday girl and I both liked. Most of them are just 30 second sketches. No more than a minute each. Wanted to keep the pace going!


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